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Are you an employee who struggles with the challenges of corporate America?  Whether you work as a receptionist or run a Fortune 500 Company, this book is for you.  Read how others have shared their experiences in overcoming challenges as a Christian in Corporate America.  Corporate Christian 101 delivers 10 valuable principles to help Christian believers thrive in corporate America.  Through the use of biblical scriptures and her own personal experience,  Valerie Lynn Russell provides a contemplative, interactive approach to overcoming the obstacles of navigating the corporate workplace. 

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Valerie Lynn Russell is an entrepreneur, media executive, real estate investor, and author. She has worked for more than 30 years in corporate America. Her father, Wayne Russell, was an entrepreneur who instilled a strong work ethic in her. After college, Valerie started her corporate career in marketing. She later obtained a real estate license, opened her own firm, and began investing in real estate. By the age of 30, she was involved in investing, selling, and developing distressed properties.


After a major life setback, Valerie restructured her life by returning to corporate America. She closed her real estate business and started her life from ground zero. After returning to the corporate-structured environment, she witnessed the challenges of navigating through the ranks of corporate America. She found herself in a situation where she could help people by inspiring them through her living and sharing the Good News of Christianity. Although she flourished and enjoyed the structure of corporate America, she realized its ability to both enrich and negatively affect lives. Friends and co-workers often confided in her about their struggles to survive in their industries. In looking for answers to her dilemmas and those of others, Valerie turned to God.


Valerie is a licensed real estate broker in South Carolina and Alabama and a member of the National Board of Realtors. She is a graduate of the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership and the National Association of Black Journalism. She is also a General Sales Manager in the Media Industry.


Today, Valerie continues to lead and inspire others through her daily walk in corporate America.  She is a coach, a leader, and a true woman of God.

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Valerie L. Russell

Real Estate Broker & Author


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